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Carla Corn

Brand Creating some of the most delicious popcorn you have ever tasted, we knew we needed to develop a fun logo to represent such a fun brand. Carla of Carla Corn tasked us with designing a brand around chalkboard art. The following pieces were created. Design
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Journey to D.C.

Journey to D.C. is a campaign by Steven Lee in trying to raise funds to bring a church to Washington D.C. Branding When you think of D.C., you can’t help but think about the White House, the Capital Building and congress. Using that as inspiration, Journey to D.C. uses those elements to bring it’s brand to life. Design Steven needed an 8.5×11, tri-fold brochure to inform potential supporters of the mission and cost analysis of his campaign. Instead of just having typed out facts, we embraced using infographics to represent what would have otherwise been a boring read.
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Shepherd Church

Working with Shepherd Church was an enjoyable endeavor; from brainstorming to final design, the perfect logo came to life.  They wanted a logo that had meaning and at the same time was easily recognizable. Shepherd required an abundance of  product branding for their many ministries. From logos to t-shirt designs to business cards. Look through our gallery to see few of the things that we created. Branding Design Print
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