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2015 Super Bowl Ads Go After Your Emotions

I use to watch the Super Bowl for the ads, but am finding myself paying more attention to the game as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch for the ads, but with the advent of AdBlitz on Youtube, you can hop online and watch it later. Hoping for a Seattle win over New England, I noticed something different about the Super Bowl ads this year, they were after my emotions. Now when I say emotion, I am NOT talking about the emotion you get from watching a half naked, 32D model walking through a farmer’s market, I am talking about an emotion that invokes more empathy. Out of the 64 ads that aired this year during Super Bowl XLIX, minus the 15 network ads and movie trailers (I don’t see those as ads), you have a total of 49 ads. Below I marked out what I feel were ads that tried to attack your emotions: Based on the above table, almost 1/3 or 31% of all commercials this year brought you to an emotional state beyond laughter. If you were to read Brian Ahearn’s article People Buy Based on Emotion and Justify with Logic you will notice something at play here, companies […]
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